Gedichten geschreven in 2013

  • The afterimage


    The afterimage of you that I'm always chasing.
    In my dreams, your profile still looks like it did back then.
    You ran into the tall grass and disappeared.
    After recalling that memory, I chase after it.
    Frustratingly exposing my breath, I finally reach it.
    Far away...

    That was many years ago, was it not?
    At that place that we will never return to again,
    lies that heart of mine that I left behind.

    What if it's all a dream and I cannot recover it;
    how then should I convey this feeling?

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  • I wish


    Iets wat ik een week of 2 geleden heb geschreven maar toch nog wou publiceren voor de romantische mensen onder ons.

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  • Once there was... (Death revisited)


    Dit is een uitbreiding op een eerdere blog entry genaamd Death, misschien niet heel vrolijk.


    Once there was joy and life was nice

    But joy is fleeting so it had to pass

    And life was not so nice anymore

    A wasteland started to form


    Once there was love and life was good

    But love is a fable and I outgrew fables

    And life was not so good anymore

    The wasteland started to grow


    Once there was happiness and life was great

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