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  • Humanity, Fuck Yeah! - Part 1 - The Slayeaza


    Inspired by the threat 'Humanity, Fuck Yeah!' on Imgur.


    "So you want to know about humans and their history?" X'larr said to the young soldier. The soldier looked perplexed and said: "No ambassador, I meant to ask you to explain the extinction of so many old races. Five different races which each conquered big parts of the known galaxy became extinct in a very short time while at the top of their power." X'larr looked around and saw that most of the soldiers looked as perplex as the young one in front of him and some were even muttering amongst each other, no doubt thinking the old ambassador a bit slow of wit. He realized they would only know the humans as they had been the last 50 galactic years, a race which loved peace despite their tempers, a race which helped other races negotiated for peace and if that failed helped the wounded of all sides involved in a dispute. A race which was always the first to organize or volunteer for peace missions. They had never seen this race in anger.

    X'larr's tendrils turned a dark blue, signifying his annoyance at their reactions, while he shook his head and said with a commanding voice: "That is the same, you want to know how these great warlike races became extinct? They decided they could take on the humans." Some soldiers cried out in defense of the humans, others were just...Lees meer

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